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Strategic investments in 5 realms of teaching and learning

RealmSpark supports ASU’s five realms of teaching and learning, each of which provides unprecedented educational opportunities to learners of all ages and backgrounds.

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Realm 1

Campus Immersion

Fully immersive, technology-enhanced, campus-based learning for traditional P-20 and post-graduate learners


  • 21st-century digital learning spaces
  • Artificial intelligence-based advising
  • Ubiquitous content delivery mechanisms
  • Intelligent tutoring platforms
  • Personalized learning at scale
Realm 2

Digital Immersion

Digitally immersive, online, asynchronous learning for P-20 and post-graduate learners


  • Technology to support human relationships and build organizational affinity
  • "Integrated" human tutor interface
  • Real-time assessment
  • Development-based assessment
Realm 3

Digital Immersion - massively open

Digitally immersive, online, open scale, individualized and flexible learning for P-20 and post-graduate learners


  • Technologies that derive value from scale
  • Content and delivery for any life stage
  • Multi-organizational pathway mapping
Realm 4

Education through exploration

High-intensity, technology-based learning experiences for P-20 learners and beyond


  • Virtual and augmented reality for learning
  • Direct human cognition linkages
  • Intelligent tutoring through verbal query
  • Group learning tools
Realm 5

Infinitely scalable learning

Massively distributed, personalized, adaptive learning solutions


  • Infinitely scalable teaching
  • Advanced game-based learning
  • Seamless integration of individualized learning across life stages
  • Lifelong intelligent tutoring
The ASU Charter

ASU is a comprehensive public research university, measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed; advancing research and discovery of public value; and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves.

RealmSpark is committed to advancing ASU’s mission of making education accessible to all. RealmSpark supports companies that are making learner experiences more engaging and effective. Our success is measured by the transformational impact our portfolio has on the education landscape.

Our Portfolio