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ScaleU ASU

An accelerator dedicated to real-world testing

ASU ScaleU operates as a dynamic accelerator, specializing in the integration, testing and validation of emerging technologies within the expansive and innovative ecosystem of the nation's premier public research university. Our mission is to offer early-stage EdTech startups a proving ground for their digital learning solutions within a multifaceted university setting. We partner exclusively with products that have a profound and quantifiable impact on student success and the operational efficiency of educational institutions.

How it Works

ASU ScaleU distinguishes itself from conventional accelerators and EdTech incubators by specializing in the assessment of pilot-ready products. As an active accelerator, we leverage ASU's vast and varied student, faculty and administrative body as a real-world testing ground to advance educational technologies. Collaborating with us means your product will be matched with one of ASU's numerous academic, research or service units — propelling your company into the next stages of funding, product enhancement and client growth. Our insight into the ever-emerging EdTech requirements within the institution often uncovers niches ripe for innovation.

We navigate you through the institutional maze — from security assessments and procurement to legal and academic compliance — to facilitate the launch and evaluation of your educational technology pilot. Our role extends to cultivating lasting partnerships between university affiliates and businesses to address the continuously shifting educational landscape. The experience and knowledge gained through partnership with ASU are invaluable, providing tangible data to refine your product development, substantiate your offerings, and secure further startup investment.

Key ASU ScaleU differentiators:

  • Broad impact: Access to a vast community of over 170,000, paving the way for substantial growth of your enterprise.
  • ASU endorsement: Capitalizing on Arizona State University's reputable brand amplifies trust and exposure.
  • Continued investment: We go beyond piloting, connecting startups to edtech investors for ongoing financial support.
  • Benchmark for success: ASU's prominence as a leading educational institution in the U.S. serves as a powerful barometer for scalability.
  • Worldwide alliances: Our global brand partnerships enhance the prestige and expansion potential of our associated ventures.
  • Diverse funding network: A wide-ranging investor network supports various developmental stages, offering a spectrum of funding possibilities.
  • Strategic partnerships: We actively forge alliances that strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing startups with additional backing.
  • Extended network: Our established relationships with clients and VCs facilitate crucial introductions that can catalyze growth and further investment.

The process

Engaging with ASU ScaleU grants you entry to our accelerator programs, encompassing key entrepreneurial areas such as business model structuring, product development, and legal compliance, with a specialized focus on navigating university procurement processes. This training is delivered through our dedicated community platform, designed to facilitate networking with fellow portfolio entrepreneurs and providing access to our expert mentorship network.

In parallel, we will collaborate with you and your sponsoring unit to develop a pilot project that validates your product's viability. Our team will also guide you through the intricacies of contractual agreements and IT requirements specific to the university's operational framework.

Are you a fit?

We seek startups that are innovating within higher education and shaping the future of work, with a proven capacity to significantly enhance student achievements. Entry into our accelerator is selective, ensuring a fit is crucial before application. Ideal candidates will demonstrate:

  • A commitment to serving higher education or the workforce of tomorrow.
  • The availability of pilot-ready offerings for testing within ASU's ecosystem.
  • Financial preparation, typically ranging from Seed to Series A funding stages.
  • A robust team capable of leadership and swift execution.

Take the leap with ASU ScaleU and propel your EdTech startup to new heights. We invite you to submit your pitch deck and unlock the potential to collaborate with the nation's most innovative public research university. Share your vision and let us help you scale your venture, enhance student outcomes, and achieve breakthrough success in the educational technology landscape.

Send us your pitch deck now to start the journey with a partner invested in your growth and ready to connect you with an extensive network of resources and investors. Act now—ASU ScaleU is where your educational innovation meets opportunity.

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